Curse on the Emerald Seas | Pirate Escape Room Review

posted: 12.18.19
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Hello, Escaper! From time to time, escape room experts play and review our rooms. One of the newest games in our catalog is Curse on the Emerald Seas. It’s a haunted pirate ship room, and a fan favorite here at Puzzle Effect. 🏴‍☠️

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Behind the Scenes

Ever wonder how our escape rooms come to life? It all starts with an idea. 💡 Game designer Alex Elder shares his views on Curse on the Emerald Seas:

What is your favorite part about the room?

“The narrative it builds. It’s a really cool story if you explore it.”

What are you most looking forward to players experiencing?

“There’s a few puzzles that are really fun to interact with. I’m excited to see how they’re received. Also the theme of the room. It’s a fun spin on a common theme.”

What influenced or inspired you as you created the puzzles?

“I wanted to experience the more mythic side
of the pirate theme. If you think about the theme just right, it might give you
a little edge in the room.”

🎥 Want to learn more?
Check out this interview and behind-the-scenes video on the creation of the


Recently, the team at Escape Room Artist released their analysis
of the room. We absolutely love their analysis of the game! ✍️

Curse on the Emerald Seas was a challenging escape room with some complex, layered puzzles. These were well-clued, and especially satisfying solves with multiple “aha” moments.”

A less recent, but still fantastic review of this room by
Escape Room Addicts: 📝

“Everything in the room was of high quality and very sturdily built, including props and puzzles, as well as structural elements like floor boards, tables and poles. We especially loved the use of heavy chains and shackle locks, which felt highly relevant and on-theme for the room.” 

Where to Play

Curse on the Emerald Seas can be played in the following
Puzzle Effect Locations:




San Luis Obispo

And coming soon to Bend

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