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posted: 2.10.20
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There is such a wide variety of escape rooms out there. Some are difficult to escape from even with the maximum number of players, while others you can breeze through with 23 minutes left on the clock. So, which Puzzle Effect escape room for two players do we recommend? 🤷

We’ll go through our entire game catalog highlight our favorites. Please check out our Games page to see which of these are available in this location!

PRO TIP! Make sure you research pricing and the company’s policy on private rooms for an escape room for two players before you book. Many escape rooms charge a premium for a private room/and or they charge more per player when you have a small group. At Puzzle Effect, every room is private no matter how many players you bring with no extra charges. 🙌

Escape Room for Two at Puzzle Effect

Crimson Storm ☠️

Crimson Storm is a classic pirate game beloved by many of our escapers for many years. One reason? It’s a great room for beginners that really shows you the escape room ropes. It’s also a great game for smaller teams, including teams of two.

escape room for two blog

Challenge level: 2/5

Locations at time of this post: Bakersfield, Bend, Clovis, and Gilbert

Scenario: Thieves of the high seas, you and your pirate crew have been captured and taken prisoner aboard the infamous Crimson Storm, a ship known for possessing the power to call down the winds and waves to crush their enemies. The source of this power, an ancient artifact known as the Crimson Heart is kept deep in the hull of the ship. Can you help your crew escape the clutches of the Storm and find the Crimson Heart before it is too late?

Grim Stacks 🔮

Grim Stacks is another fan favorite, and we totally get why! This magical bookstore room is a little more challenging than Crimson Storm, but it’s the perfect theme for a date night. It’s probably best for couples who have played escape rooms before, but your wonderful Game Master will be there to help you even it’s your first game.

escape room for two blog grim stacks

Challenge level: 3/5

Locations at the time of this post: Bakersfield, Boise, Denver, Phoenix, and SLO

Scenario: The owner of a mystical bookshop is up to something sinister. He has captured a mystical creature and plans to use it to take revenge against the Arcane Library. You must sneak into his shop, find the creature, and rescue it before his plan can be carried out.

Knight + Rook 🕵

Our detective room, Knight + Rook, is perfect for two players. It’s another traditional escape room that’s great for beginners, too, and the theme is so fun.

Escape room for two knight and rook

Challenge Level: 2/5

Locations at the time of this post: Bakersfield, Bend, Denver, Clovis, and Gilbert

Scenario: Investigating the case of a missing little girl, renowned investigator Roger Knight has mysteriously disappeared. You must pick up where he left off and find any leads he might have left for you in his office. Find the girl’s location and alert the authorities before you suffer the same fate as Mr. Knight.

Pipe Works ⛑️

Up for some friendly competition? Pipe Works is the room for you. The intro-level puzzles make this two-team room doable for two players. Not so competitive? Don’t worry, we have a cooperative option, too.

escape room for two pipeworks

Challenge Level: 2/5

Locations at the time of this post: Boise, Denver, Clovis, Gilbert, Phoenix, SLO

Scenario: Power is running low in the underground industrial city of Dystopia and the energy systems are failing. The high council has appointed your two engineering teams to fix those systems. The city is losing power fast, compete head-to-head or cooperatively to activate your team’s subsystems and return power to the station.

So there are our favorite games if you’re looking for an escape room for two, escaper! Another game catch your eye? Reach out to get our two cents on it!

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