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posted: 2.07.20
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What is an escape room game?

In some cases, an “escape room game” is just another way to say “escape room.” If you want to know more about what an escape room is, check out our blog post on riddle rooms. But an escape room game is an escape room themed board or video game in most cases.


You may think that escape room games were inspired by escape rooms. While escape rooms have certainly popularized escape room games in many ways, it’s in fact the other way around: video games actually inspired escape rooms.

In fact, the video game Crimson Room by Toshimitsu Takagi in 2004 is often credited with inspiring the first escape rooms in Japan, which opened in 2007.

Check out this walkthrough of Behind Closed Doors  by Jonathan Wilson. Originally released in 1988, this text adventure game may be the earliest precursor to escape rooms:

It’s safe to say that many of the most popular escape room board games today were created to continue the escape room experience at home. In fact, one of the games we carry was created by an escape room company.

Puzzle Effect Escape Room Games

As our merch offerings have grown and changed over the years, one thing has become clear: escapers love escape room games, and we love having them on our shelves!

The escape room themed games we offer are selected to keep the puzzle-solving vibes going after your Puzzle Effect experience.

Note: Though we currently carry all of these game types, not all of the specific titles shown here are available in all locations! Please call or visit us to see what we have in stock.

We’re always adding new titles, but here’s what’s currently on our shelves:

Unlock! Games

Unlock! games are cooperative escape room card games.

We currently have both single games and three-packs! We won’t continue to carry the single games, though, and they won’t last long.

The Adventure of Oz: Your eyelids are heavy, you briefly fall asleep, when all of a sudden, you are woken by the barking of your dog, Toto. The walls of your house are shaking: no doubt, Dorothy, you are in the eye of a tornado and you fly away, far far away from Kansas!

Escape room game Unlock!
Check out REA’s breakdown of this Unlock! chapter here.

Exit Games

Exit games are another escape room board game. Solve a series of riddles as quickly as possible!

Exit: The Forgotten Island

The sea is calm. The sun is shining. You’re on the perfect sailing excursion. But then you spot something on the horizon. Dark clouds are rolling in unusually fast. Soon the sun has disappeared and darkness has surrounded you. Everything is absolutely still … until suddenly, out of nowhere, a mighty gust of wind capsizes your boat. You are knocked unconscious.

When you wake up, you are on a black sand beach. There’s no sign of your boat, not even wreckage. You look around and find an old book and a mysterious golden compass disk.

A boat is chained to a palm tree. Everything on this island seems to be secured with locks … and you soon come to realize: You must figure out all the combinations to open the locks in to order to escape. If not, you will never leave this island! Can you solve the riddles left for you and escape the island? This game can be played only one time because you must markup, fold, and tear the game materials to solve the riddles and escape.

Escape room game Exit

Ravensburger Escape Room Puzzles

The newest game in our lineup, we had to have a puzzle/escape room experience! You’re not done when you complete the puzzles – the completed puzzles contain hidden riddles and clues.

The Curse of the Wolves

Visiting an antique bookstore, a story catches your eye. Hundreds of years ago 5 settlers went missing in the forest, it is believed that a curse was cast upon them. Curious, you enter the forest to explore. Lost in the dark, you’re surprised by growling and glowing eyes. 5 wolves encircle you – will they attack? You remember the legend! Can you break their curse?

Escape Room Games

Escape from Iron Gate

Created by an escape room company, Escape from Iron Gate is a favorite among escapers. It’s a 100% replayable game.

Escape From Iron Gate

You and your “friends” have been wrongfully accused of a crime and don’t belong behind bars. You’ve made your case first to the judge, then to the warden, but no one is buying it. Looks like there’s only one path to freedom: a good, old-fashioned prison break! Well, today is the day – you’re going to make a run for it. The good news? One of you is going to make it out. The bad news? Only one of you is going to make it out.

escape from iron gate escape room game

Our board games (and all our merch) are going on sale, soon! Visit us Valentine’s Day weekend to get 20% off board games and merch 2/14/20-2/16/20.

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